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The Jewel Church Accounting System is software designed to meet the needs of local church treasurers as well as the conference treasury departments of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

Jewel handles check writing, receipts, budgeting, reports, and much more. Our software has been carefully designed for simplicity and for saving you time. What in the past have been difficult and complicated procedures can now be performed with a few simple mouse clicks. Jewel is being used from Canada to the Cayman Islands, and from California to Carolina.

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Jewel provides the basis for the Jewel accounting system. Jewel receipts contributions, writes checks for bills and distribution of funds, provides donor receipts, makes remittances to the Conference, and maintains a database for all local funds and budgets

Jewel Auditor is a software program designed to assist in the auditing and tech support processes for local churches. Auditor incorporates a full copy of Jewel, enabling the user to view a church's database, find errors and using Auditor, make necessary corrections.

Jewel Reporter is for the conference office staff who deposit remittance checks. Reporter retrieves the Church's monthly remittance information from the server and presents it in a simple layout for the Conference to make deposits -- whether checks or ACH.

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