Product List & Pricing

Local Church Products

Full version 6.0 for first time users of Jewel accounting software for local churches. Includes one year of tech support.


Upgrade your earlier version of Jewel. Includes one year of tech support


A Jewel version for first time users specifically designed to meet the tax law needs of Canada. Includes one year of tech support.

Canada Upgrade

An upgrade for Jewel users in Canada. Includes one year of tech support.


Conference Products

The Jewel Accounting System is designed to meet the needs of local churches and their Conference.
See Conference Tab for details.

Jewel Auditor is a tool designed to assist the conference in auditing and tech support.


Jewel Reporter retrieves remittance information from each church making it available to the Conference for making deposits and remittances to the Union.


Other Services

Internet server accounts for Tech Support and Auditor use are provided. We provide tech support to the Conference until the next version is distributed.

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