Conference Pricing

Jewel is an accounting system designed to meet the needs of the conference office and their churches. All products and services described on this website (see System Components) are included for conferences that purchase Jewel for at least half of their churches. This, however, excludes Reporter. Reporter is functional, but still in progress. Therefore, it is an optional component and is priced separately. Contact us for more details.

Getting Your Conference Started: The first order of Jewel needs to be 50% of the number of churches in your conference. Your price will be the discounted Conference price listed below. Subsequent orders will always be at this discounted price. This special pricing is available for any sized Conference or Mission. The benefits of these products could save you more than the cost!

For questions or to place your order, call us at 352-326-0092.

CDs with full version software for first-time users.


Upgrade for those using an earlier version.


One or more copies as needed by office staff.

Tech Support

Provided by our staff to Conference personnel. Tech support is available for a full year and can be renewed with the purchase of the next upgrade. Your conference personnel is responsible for providing tech support for the local churches.

Data Server

One account is provided for monthly reports from church treasurers and a second account for auditors and tech support staff.


To be used by Conference staff. Functional, but still in development. Contact us for details and price.

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Benefits to the Conference
Jewel System Components