Benefits to the Conference

Cost Savings

There are some dramatic cost benefits when using the Jewel Church Accounting System conference-wide. Here are just a few ways Jewel saves time and expense:

Cash Flow

Utilizing Jewel has some interesting and beneficial side effects - some obvious, and some we had not anticipated. Here are a few:

The Bigger Picture

The Jewel Church Accounting System is a set of tools that makes conference and local church accounting faster and easier. Less work, less time, less travel, fewer employees -- all add up to savings! After all, every cost comes out of the pockets of individual church members. We all want to be good stewards of God's resources.

Having one system that links all processes together is more efficient and cost effective. Conferences need tools that do the job efficiently. Realizing this, many conferences recommend and urge all their churches to use the same system.

Churches look to the conference to know what is available and what is best for them. We encourage conferences to consider the options available to you - and we hope you will find Jewel to be the best to serve your needs!

Jewel System Components
Conference Pricing